2016 Australian Minerals Industry Research Scholarship.

2016 Australian Minerals Industry Research Scholarship.

Friday, February 10, 2017 - 12:15
Phillippa Dodshon receiving her MRA scholarship

Congratulations to Philippa Dodshon - recipient of a 2016 Australian Minerals Industry Research Scholarship!

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) offered three scholarships for Ph.D. and post-doctoral researchers to enhance their study experience with the Australian minerals industry worth up to $20,000.00 each.

High risk industries such as the mining and minerals industries have been experiencing repeat events. Many reasons have been identified and researched to explain this phenomenon including failure to learn from previous incidents or forgetting the learnings, failure to recognise hazards or to underestimate the risks associated with them, and a failure to focus on process safety. This research project incorporates Human & Organisational Factors and Risk Control analysis into incident investigation processes to maximise the potential learnings. The MCA scholarship will enable me to test the usefulness of the proposed process using my industry partners current incident investigation methods. It will also grant me access to experienced incident investigators to ensure the process is practical and provides additional and useful information beyond current methods.

Philippa's industry partners are the New Hope Group, Peabody Energy, Rio Tinto, and Thiess.

Without the generosity of the MCA and my industry partners this research would not have been possible.